What do all of the things we do have in common?

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By looking at the commonalities of people, disciplines, practices, and routines we can find the first principles of the larger picture.

Example: Marketing, Analytics, Video Editing, public speaking, and sales are all have storytelling in common.

  • Marketing tells the story of why you should buy a product, sign-up for a service or just consider a vendor for future work.
  • Analytics would be an endless pool of data if we couldn’t extract patterns and tell the story of why they matter.
  • Video Editing is linear storytelling with imagery.
  • Public Speakers tell stories to connect with the audience and manufacture ah-ha moments.
  • Sales is the story of how spending money will improve your situation or station by way of consuming.

By knowing what the commonalities are we can find ways to work together, common ground to build from and most importantly, what the real differences are.

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